Veg Friendly Phoenix Restaurant for Beer Lovers!

Sometimes you find vegetarian options at unexpected places.  One of our pre-vegetarian favorites was Yardhouse.    The food is really good and, more importantly for Carl, my husband, they have over 100 beers on tap.   Me, I despise the stuff!  But he loves it.  Unfortunately, after we became vegetarians, they didn’t have enough options for us to continue to go there for food.

Then one day my friend, and expert hair stylist, Lauren said “Hey, did you know that Yardhouse has a bunch of vegetarian options now?”.  To which I replied “WHAT???”.  So, we hightailed it down to the nearest Yardhouse to check it out.  Sure enough, we found a whole new section of their menu with some of their usual menu items made with Gardein.  If you click on the link and check it out you will see Gardein is a natural vegetable product that is in various forms to include “chicken”, “beef”, etc.  I have had it and liked it, and I have had it and not liked it so much.  But, at the Yardhouse, they are using it with delicious success.

So, unexpectedly, we can now go to one of our favorite places and get great vegetarian options and Carl can get his beloved beer options!  Take a look at the tubes that carry all of the beer to the taps!

We went there today and met our sons, Jared and Travis, for lunch.  I had one of my pre-vegetarian favorites, the Spicy Chicken sandwich made with Gardein.

Carl had the Orange Peel Gardein.

I’m not kidding here – you really cannot tell the difference between these dishes with Gardein and with actual chicken.

The food here is a little on the pricy side so some may need to save for a special occasion, but if you are looking for a place where you can meet friends, have some great beer (if you like that kind of thing) and eat vegetarian, you may want to check out Yardhouse!

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