Case for a Plant Based Diet

Hi everyone!  I watched a very interesting (at least to me) documentary last night.  It was called Forks over Knives.  Click on the link for more details and additional info.  It’s on Netflix instant streaming so it’s easy to find.  It is all about the benefits of eating a plant based diet and eliminating animal products from your diet.  I have been leaning toward veganism for a while, and this film compels me even more to do so.

Now, I know full well that people can slant their information to support their cause. This film however, to me, is a little more convincing and is full of good information and real life examples.  It can be a little slow at time but if you watch it, stick with it and just see what you think.   It is fascinating to think about how eliminating animal products from my diet may help prevent cancer, heart  disease, diabetes, or even reverse disease for those already suffering with these afflictions.

Coming soon . . . . I am working on my week’s menus and plan to STICK to them this week!  I have a little bit of cheese and milk products in my fridge that I need to use up but I am going to work on eating as few animal products as I can at home.  I am planning my menus to slant that way as well as work in my Weight Watchers plan which, to date, has gone awry but to which I WILL stick to! I have many cookbooks and several that I am going to use for this planning and which I will share with you.  As a sneak peek, take a look at this spaghetti squash recipe posted on the Hungry Girl website.  I am making this for dinner one night this week.  maybe tonight!  So, stay tuned . . . .

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