Well . . . I was a former meat eater! Chili-dog craving!

Hi everyone.  First an update on the Weight Watcher progress.  Great first week – lost 4.5 pounds!  Lousy second week – gained a pound back!  So, this past week was a little crazy as it was my last week on my old job.  Much socializing in the form of lunches and happy hour got me off kilter.  But . . . I am back on track tomorrow.  I also start my new job tomorrow so hopefully that will go smoothly and I will be able to smoothly keep to the WW plan.  I will let you know!

Now, on to the chili dog craving.  I realize, first of all, that I blogged about chili last week.  Well, truly, I do not only eat chili!  You will see that later this week!  However, lately I have been craving a good old fashioned chili dog like I used to eat in the old days.  Even then, I had to really be in the mood for a hot dog and it had to be a “clean” hot dog, like Hebrew National.  I couldn’t stand the thought of what they put into the other brands.  Even that brand was slightly questionable, however, sometimes a chili dog hit the spot.

So, today I went to the store and bought my ingredients.  At Trader Joe’s I found Smart Dogs, by Lightlife.  They have a whole line of meatless “meats”.  I liked other things I had tried in this line so I decided to try the hot dogs.  Next, I had some Tasty Bites Madras Lentils in the pantry.  I got these at Costco and they taste amazing like the chili I used to put on my chili dogs.   I also picked up some Trader Joe’s whole wheat hot dog buns.

To go with my chili dogs I made my own potato salad.  I have my own favorite recipe which is simply cooked red potatoes,  chopped celery and green onions, a spoonful of sweet pickle relish, and then my guilty pleasure ingredient – Miracle Whip Light.  OK, I know, I know, Miracle Whip is a processed nightmare of a food, but I just HAVE to have it in my potato salad.  It just doesn’t taste right to me otherwise.

So, I put it all together and had my chili dog fix.  I have to say, the Smart Dogs were REALLY good.  The taste was exactly like a hot dog and the texture amazingly similar.  The big plus is that I know I was not eating any random, spare pig or cow parts!  The lentils on top were perfect and, with a scoop of my potato salad, this meal was a real treat.

Now, for the WW points.  The Smart Dog is a measly 1 point.  REALLY!  It’s only 45 calories, so that in itself was a bonus.  The chili was 3 points for the serving, and the bun was 3 points.  So, the chili dog was 7 points.  Not bad for the main course.  My potato salad is 3 points for a quarter of the recipe above made with 2 good sized red potatoes.  10 point sof the meal – not bad.  And it totally satisfied my craving!  Oh, and the pics I promised.  Well, I screwed up and my pics were blurry!  So . . .nex time!

In the coming week , I have to start my new job, start exercising again, and get my points back on track.  I will try to post some of my menus this week too.  Wish me luck – it’s going to be a busy week!

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One Response to Well . . . I was a former meat eater! Chili-dog craving!

  1. Suann says:

    I am agree about the hotdogs but sometimes one does hit the spot! Hope you do get back on track with a new job. At least you will probably work normal hours during orientation!

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