What do you eat????

If you read my “about me” section you know I have not been a vegetarian for too long.  In fact, It has been exactly, one year and eight months since I went totally vegetarian.  So, still really a baby to the world of meat free eating.  My reasons for deciding not to eat meat are both for health reasons and for my own personal convictions about contributing to the world of factory farming where most of our meat comes from.  After watching the film,  Food Inc., and reading many books on the subject (which I will post later) I could not justify supporting this method of supplying my meat to me.  Since one rarely knows where their meat comes from, for me, it was better to just stop eating it altogether.

Since I went totally vegetarian, the first question many people ask me is “what do you eat”??  Like, “how can you possibly find enough food sources to sustain you without eating meat???”   I kind of hate that question because when I am asked, I start to think about what I eat and I just can’t put it into a few short words or sentences.  The possibilities are endless.   It’s kind of funny because people who are non vegetarians never get asked that question.   But, I get it.  People are curious.   It’s hard for people to think how they would eat if they didn’t eat meat.

Enter my humble little blog . . . . hopefully I can help people figure out what they could eat if they stopped eating meat.  I love to cook but am not all that creative, so you will see me sharing recipes and resources that have helped me decide what to cook and eat.  I can be a little lazy in the kitchen as well, so you won’t see a lot of complicated stuff on my blog.  although lately I have been getting an itch to bake more and try some “fancy” things so we’ll see what comes of that.


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4 Responses to What do you eat????

  1. Kelly says:

    This is awesome Tammy. I love meat. I was eating meat three meals a day. At the beginning of the year had blood done and cholesterol was elevated. Just boardline high. My doctor didn’t want to put me on medication since I really can’t provide a family history and have no risk factors. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, excerise (but need to excerise more), get 8 hours sleep a night, and for the most part I eat healthly. I hardly eat out, as I love to cook. My problem is, is eat a lot because I can. Weight had never been an issue and I love meat. I know I watched the video you posted last year, but it didn’t stop me.

    I have cut back tremendously on my meat consumption. I have red maybe 1 or twice a month. Bacon only if I got out for breaksfast with the kids, that might be once a month. I eat a lot of chicken breast and fish. Ahi Tuna is my favorite. So bascially I have meat once a day maybe 4 or5 times a week. I have tried different vegan and vegetarian recipes. They are ok, but I’m not satisfied and want to eat more.

    I’m really looking forward to trying your recipes and if you don’t mind, I’d like to share as well. Like I said I tried it for awhile and gave up on it. Your blog might be what I need…

    • tammyalex says:

      Thanks for the comment Kelly. I’m glad you checked out my blog and I hope I can inspire you to try more dishes without meat. Please do feel free to share.

  2. All I can say is wow to your blog

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